About the Owner

I began in the painting business in 1982 and immediately recognized a passion for it. I was one of those ‘Trade Nerds’…eager to learn everything i could about paint, waterproofing systems and wood refinishing.

Back then, the internet wasnt available, so I’d spend much of my free time studying Trade magazines and pestering my boss with every question under the sun! My ‘go get em’ attitude and almost obsessive curiosity and desire to learn paid off…by the age of 22 I was leading large crews of Painters many of whom were twice my age. Over the years, my quest for knowledge continues…fortunately the Web has made it relatively easy to stay informed on new products and application methods. I’m entirely grateful to have the opportunity to offer that knowledge and experience to others today.

So many painters today feel as though they were ‘stuck’ in the business. George is one of those guys that actually CHOSE to be a Professional Painter. His passion for the Trade and industry overall shines clearly on a daily basis. Clients love his enthusiasm and confidence!
Whether there’s a question about products, colors, application methods or access issues…George’s extensive knowledge and experience provide the appropriate solution on every project.

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